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Le WEB au service des entreprises !

SQUARE medias’ added value relies on an in-house developed engine offering you WEB tools connected dynamically with your TopSolid V7 platform. We aim to supply online solutions relying on single information with ease of access, and therefore eliminate any sources of duplication or inaccurate data.

  • Roadshow
    20th January 2013 :
    New 3D viewer
    More details...
  • 2013
    5th January 2013 :
    Happy new 2013 !
    More details...
  • 2013
    20th November 2012 :
    PDM Planner
    More details...

Why TOPBOX ? //

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Partners //

Optimize your sales’ strategy with our WEB 3D configurator. Create 3D assemblies based on your R&D CAD designs and generate exact BOMs.
Automatically link your assemblies to your quotation with our CRM module. Monitor your performances with our online module Controle, offering you visual indicators and allowing you to sharpen instantly your decision-making.
PDM Web, offers you a secured access to the heart of your technical data, such as clients drawings, clients validations, designs revisions and updates. Simplify the management of teams and project with PDM Planner, module developed for task, resource and project management based on WEB centralised Gantt chart technology.
Ease your promotional process using the Catalogue module. Publish your products online with all related documentation with a single click: multi-format 3D assemblies, brochures, technical data… all based on your in house data stored in your PDM server.
Allow each member of your team to become an active player of your organisation.

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  • » Online dynamic assembler based on your enterprise CAD drawings
  • » Parts’ versions management
  • » Management of parameters and remote dimensions
  • » Management of sub-assemblies having several mounting configurations
  • » Boolean functions during assembly process (strategic parts hidden)
  • » Generation of 3D previews for the Web
  • » Export of parts and assemblies in several formats
  • » Emailing of desired assemblies or parts (per attachment or through FTP protocol in case of heavy files)
  • » Multilingual emailing feature
  • » Email alert process in case of system or assembly failure
  • » Full history of online events with the online journaling file system


  • » Web access of your company’s PDM server
  • » Listing of your current and archived projects as well as models: multi-criteria filtering, quick search...
  • » 2D and 3D dynamic preview of a part, sub-assembly or assembly from a project or from your library
  • » Online display and export in pdf format of BOMs
  • » Exporting feature by FTP protocol or per email
  • » Import and export of packages and documents
  • » Customers’ drawings validation process
  • » Document annotation with approval process
  • » Online publication for e-catalogue
  • » Multi format document viewer


  • » Plan and dispatch tasks automatically
  • » Dynamic management of task ‘s progressions
  • » Pilot your project from Gantt chart
  • » Dynamic online GANTT chart editable
  • » Resources, tasks and conversation management
  • » Document sharing and annotation feature
  • » Automated alerts and notifications
  • » Document import
  • » Rights management: read only – write


  • » E-catalogue integrated to PDM Web module
  • » Product tree grid generator
  • » Search engine: filters, key words…
  • » Online publishing based on R&D 3D CAD designs
  • » 3D Multi format automatic publishing
  • » WEB 3D online viewer
  • » Multi-lingual Publishing
  • » Attached documentation publishing: brochure, technical, certificates…
  • » Integration of the TopBox E-Catalogue in your commercial website
  • » Publishing supervision


  • » Automatic storage and attachment of 3D assemblies
  • » Product-parts-services simplified management platform
  • » Personnalised criteria management
  • » Prospects, clients managment, affair history, chasing,…
  • » Automatic PDM storage
  • » Online Quote, order, contract generator, shipment, billing…
  • » Individual item management : quantities, discounts, leadtime…
  • » Fully automated workflow platform
  • » Integrated automatic emailling


  • » Graphic indicators
  • » Multi format : 2D, 3D, bar, dognut, polar…
  • » Dynamic update
  • » Display selection on TopBox Dashboard
  • » Made to measure indicators on demand


  • » Manage your profile
  • » Advanced functionnalities with google Apps for business
  • » Centralised management of your tasks with online progression
  • » Conversation and notification per task
  • » Manage your calendar planning : visit, meeting, task , expenses reports
  • » Create, edit, delete and share meetings, contacts, notes and invitations inside TopBox
  • » Dynamic synchronisation with Google Apps for business
  • » Dynamic sunchronisation with smartphones « push mode »


  • » Soon available

01/ TOPBOX PACKS (o: option, -: not included, *: soon available)

Customization - -
Smartphone* o o o
Google for Business o o o


A made to measure consultancy through the different phases of integration of the solution TopSolid'PDM. From the definition of technical data storage, referencing until definition of design management of special affairs, SQUARE medias offers you all its expertise for your R&D to take maximum advantage of the TopSolid Design and PDM solutions.

SQUARE medias is able to undertake for you 3D modelling. You wish to migrate from 2D to 3D design or to migrate to TopSolid Design, your work capacity has reached its limits, SQUARE medias will design for you (parts, sub-assemblies, assemblies, kinematics, …) and helps you migrate effectively at very competitive costs.

Capitalise your know-how with the TopSolid 3D design Fundamentals. Our expertise allows us to supply integration in various fields of activities, and bring an added value through automation of processes and solutions based on TopSolid Plateform.

We entirely develop your projects in.
You require:
a commercial Web vitrine,
an e-shop,
a made to measure web portal,
web referencing,
ours skills
allow us to supply you the right solution from its definition to its integration.

Facing regular updates at a repeatitive cost, you want to keep control of your finances. Choose one of our WEB maintenance packs all inclusiveECO, PRO, or PREMIUM, including:

domain names
unlimited updates
SSL certificate

Take advantage of a Professional infrastructure for hosting your servers 1U, 2U or 3U, access performant security*, band-width and remain autonomous in your administration.

*FIREWALL CISCO security system

Expertise PDM











Technologic Patners :

Today SQUARE medias has gain the trust of the company Missler Software, one of the leaders in CAD/CAM/ERP solutions, with whom SQUARE medias has adapted its solutions in order to offer web tools that communicate dynamically with TopSolid V7.
This trust allowed SQUARE medias to consolidate in the long term its partnership with Missler Software: www.topsolid.fr

Missler Software is the second French CAD/CAM editor in France, considered eighth in the world. Today more than 8000 companies in the world use TopSolid. The company has started selling on the international market from 1997. Today its products are distributed around the world, export representing more than 60%.

Moreover, SQUARE medias has consolidated its philosophy of unified information web access through its second partnership with the famous company Google, integrating inside TopBox the Google Apps for business (emailing, calendar, contacts, online collaborative work…).
Google Mission: organise the information to a global level in order to have it accessible and usable by everybody. Google offers professional solutions including Google Apps for business the fully integrated collaborative solution including: Gmail, Calendar, Drive…

Business Partners :

Missler Software :
7, rue du Bois Sauvage
91055 Evry
Tél : +33 (0)1 60 87 20 20
E-mail : contact.france@topsolid.com
Web : www.topsolid.com

Bvba 4D Services :
Ternatstraat 4
B - 1742 Ternat
Tél :+32 (0)2 582 72 64
E-mail : info@4dservices.be
Web : www.4dservices.be

1341, rue Newton
J4B 5H2 Québec
Tél: +1 514 228 1568
E-mail : info@cosiom.com
Web : www.cosiom.com


A panel of companies that adopted the automatism

The company Camflex (groupe Verhofste), leader in Belgium for the manufacture of public furniture, has chosen a fully automated management, using the TopBox 3D web configurator and sales module in order to offer to its distributors’ network a fully integrated solution.

The company Antelec, solved its problematic with TopBox, proposing to its clients an online WEB 3D configurator for connectors. Today the company Antelec is able to supply online more than 250 products’ families, each of them representing thousands of possible configurations.

The company H+Valves, specialised in the manufacture of industrial valves, has chosen TopBox for matching a precise requirement: offer their customers an online valve calculator, based on the inputs supplied online by the customer et generate automatically the suitable calculated valve. The PDM WEB integrating the module E-catalogue allows the company H+Valves to gain independency in administrating their online 3D catalogue based on the 3D CAD designs stored in the TopSolid PDM. This catalogue is integrated in their commercial website, and can be administrated directly from TopBox.

The company Régnier Vérins based its organisation on TopBox. Company specialised in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, succeeded to adapt itself to respond to large projects’ requirements. PDM Planner allows the company to optimise its monitoring through their different production plants. This company benefits from the transversal communication between the different modules of TopBox: sales, 3D configuration, Planner, PDM Web, for optimising its sales process and staying up to date through the synchronising technology offered by the Google Suite: Google Apps for business.

04/ REFERENCES - Websites

  • H+Valves

    Industry - H+Valves (En cours d'integration)

    • »Site based on AJAX coding with a theme orientated windows 8.
    • »Online valve Calculator and assembler, technical datasheet generator.
    • »E-Catalogue and news management (TopBox) integrated into commercial website.
  • Antelec

    Industry - Antelec

    • »3D Configurator Assemble for more than 250 families of components.
    • »Configurator’s made to measure design respecting the existing theme.
    • »Administration portal made to measure: Assemblies statistics, models validation protocol, blacklist management.
    • »Emailing notifications per sale reps and prospecting dedicated areas.
  • Sophie's Jewellery

    E-Commerce - Sophie's Jewellery

    • »E-shop developed using CMS (Prestashop, Magento, OS commerce...).
    • »Development of made to measure plug-ins: slider special offers, mosaic interface for categories’ presentation
  • lalexandra

    Restoration - L'Alexandra

    • »Online automatic menu and prices administrating, editing and emailing.
    • »Integration of third parties plug-ins.
    • »Geo-localisation technology used as background through Google Map API
  • Odeetlyre

    Association - Ode et Lyre

    • »Made to measure website with dynamic menu
    • »Multimedia platform: photos, sound waves, videos.


Our mission is to propose solutions matching the requirements of every single company facing the same problematic.

SQUARE medias’ team coming from the manufacturing industry and through its past experience, has repeatedly faced organisational constraints such as: multiple software platforms with their own complexity, duplicated data, delays in the access of information…

Our first mission was to develop a tool centralising all the data of an industrial company, basing our solution TopBox on the heart of the enterprise: the PDM TopSolid V7 server.

Due to a world growing activity, companies tend to increase their range of activity by opening affiliated offices, creating reselling programs, and sales forces every day more present on the field. In order to access the information easily at any time, anywhere, SQUARE medias has developed its solution based on the most democratic platform: internet. Such support allows companies to minimise their communication investments: TSE servers, VPN secured connexions, synchronisation and mirroring technologies…

SQUARE medias, based on its skills and innovation succeeded to gain the trust of the company Missler Software, becoming an exclusive technological partner by promoting TopBox interconnected with TopSolid V7.

06/ NEWS

  • 20th January 2013 :
    New 3D viewer

    Roadshow Through the collaboration with Missler SOFTWARE, and the release of the latest version 7.7 of TopSolid, new standards for the Web are integrated in TopSolid 7 allowing a migration towards the HTML5 environment. Today the module Assemble abandon its JAVA technology for a new HTML5 viewer offering 3D Web rendering, more interactivity, lighter, faster, not requiring any applets, and opening the doors to future exiting functionalities. We will not miss the opportunity to keep you informed!

  • 5th January 2013 :
    Happy new 2013 !

    2013 SQUARE medias Team presents you its best wishes for this New Year 2013 full of novelties. SQUARE medias start this New Year with a brand new website and videos presenting our different products.

  • 20th November 2012 :
    PDM Planner

    2013 PDM Planner just came out! This new module got added to the PDM Web, allowing you to plan your projects by creating your tasks onto your resources with automatic dispatch. Visualise and edit dynamically your online GANTT chart designed to be as intuitive as possible. Conserve also with your task force and stay informed anytime with integrated and mail notifications. Find more information about this module on our brochure section.









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